The Benefits of Online Advertising

It’s impossible to underestimate the value and impact of online advertising in today’s Internet-centric marketplace, and finding the time to develop the necessary tools and expertise can make it difficult to make the most of online advertising opportunities.

Dell Technologies eliminates those hurdles by providing you with easy-to-leverage online advertising tactics, including LinkedIn (Social), Google AdWords (Search) and Ad Retargeting (Display) to reach a wider audience faster and to capitalize on the immediate returns of online advertising. Online advertising specialists will launch and manage the campaign for you, so you don't have to worry!

LinkedIn (Social Advertising) - Reach the largest audience of active professionals with targeted B2B ads based on targeted filters like job title, geography, company, and more!

Google AdWords (Search Advertising) - By targeting keywords in Google's search results, AdWords helps you drive targeted traffic to your website.

Google AdWords

Retargeting (Display Advertising) - Using banners ads on display networks across the web, retargeting allows you to anonymously target users who have previously visited your website. This allows you to recapture their interest, reduce the length of your sales cycle, and improve your win rate.


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